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Welcome to the Elder Scrolls Sandbox Wiki. A place to store all your Elder Scrolls related content, including: fanon, characters, stories, adventures, and roleplay related articles. The number one rule of the wiki is: don't edit other people's pages, unless:

a) they let you;
b) it is a minor edit, like for fixing grammar or spelling.

A chosen page for each of the four most recently active users on the wiki will be linked to the main page slideshow, which will be updated biweekly. A page needs an image in order to be chosen. Every user may also add a fact involving one or more of their articles in the "Did you know..." section of the main page.

If you have any questions feel free to contact one of the wiki's administrators.

If you are new here please check out our policies.

If you intend to make your own Canon on the wiki, be sure to read this guide.

We have three sister wikis, the Fallout Gravel Pit Wiki, the Euphorian Archives Wiki and the Hunter's Dream Roleplay Wiki!

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